Hi! I’m Emily Dewbre-Young and I’m an independent visual artist who works in paintings, drawings and pyrography.

I was born in Odessa, Texas and these days I live with my family, a cat and three dogs while working from my backyard art studio in a humble, neighborhood in Arlington. I have supported and displayed my art at The Arlington Museum of Art and Earth Rhythms events in the past. If you happen to have or see a painting or other work of art and there is a signature (usually in the lower right hand corner) that looks like it may say Dewbre (Sometimes interpreted as Dewbrey, Dewbry, Dewbres, Dewbreo, Dewbrell or Dewbree) with a number and a paw print next to it then I am probably the artist you are looking for. The number will represent the year the original artwork was created. For example 09 for 2009, 10 for 2010, etc. If you have one that does not include the number and paw print it is likely to be one of my early works from the 1990’s.

I started my work in oil and acrylic painting, colored pencil, chalk and pastel drawings as well as sketches in the early nineteen nineties while I was still in High School in Odessa. In recent years I’ve dabbled in sculpture and carving as well but have really enjoyed exploring the art of pyrography (burning letters and pictures into wood). My subject matter falls predominantly in the realm of nature, folklore and fantasy because this is where my passions lie and where I feel the most spiritual connectedness. My work has been used in advertising for productions such as ‘Midsummer’s Night Dream’ for Summer Solstice 2006 and CommuniTREE 2011 at The Bath House Cultural Center on White Rock Lake in Dallas and has been on display at various places in the DFW metroplex area.

Delve into the mysterious realm that is Primal Aspects and follow the rhythm of the drums of an unknown place and time.

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