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I am the wisecracking Technical Monkey and Packmule of Primal Aspects, my wife Emily Dewbre-Young's art studio and a Facilities Maintenance Electrician at American Airlines. I enjoy humorous posts, current events, down to earth living, self sufficiency and sustainability etc. In past incarnations and to some extent still I am also an all around handyman kinda guy, tinkerer, hacker, and prepper in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

I enjoy music and sometimes do a little drumming with Djembes and Doumbeks as well as play a little guitar once in awhile. My family and I are very much into learning prepper techniques, permaculture, aquaponics, survival skills, foraging, organic, frugal, green, sustainable and off the grid living and are in pursuit of making our lives better reflect that lifestyle. We dream of having a home in the country where we produce our own energy, raise our own food and live a life more in harmony with the land. A simpler life like that of our ancestors. But this doesn't mean we shun technology. I'm also a big techie type and like technologies that are put to good use to make our lives better.

In a nutshell, I like music, computers, electronics and other forms of technology, sustainable living, good friends and honesty. I dislike hypocrites, especially those who invoke the name of God while doing ungodly things.

2012-01-31 16:53:46

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