“Painting is the most magical of mediums. The transcendence is truly amazing to me every time I go to a museum and I see how somebody figured another way to rub colored dirt on a flat surface and make space where there is no space or make you think of a life experience.” – Chuck Close



Sharing Fairy on a mushroom.
A Sharing Fairy sits on a mushroom.


This Sharing Fairy sitting on  a mushroom beneath a crescent moon and weaving her magickal spell was a commission piece done for our wonderful friend Sherry as a gift for her niece. Thank you Sherry! 🙂


Tigeress,  an acrylic painting on a 12″ X 16″ canvas captivates her intended prey with a fixating stare. Should you prepare to flee or wait to see what she has in mind for you? Danger awaits!


Nude woman, or is she a Goddess? Holding two trees while hovering above the waves.

Two Trees is one of Emily’s most popular paintings based on feedback from various shows and forums. It’s an acrylic painting on a 16″x20″ canvas which she painted in September of 2010. The trees on either side of the woman are wisteria to the left and apple on the right and the waves of water crashing beneath her signify the ever-changing flow of life. Some folks have commented that this painting is very ‘Birth of Venus’ like and I have to admit I can see the resemblance myself.


Sword Woman - A lone woman walking across the countryside carrying a sword.

Warrior Woman with Sword – Acrylic Painting on Canvas 9″x12″ Signed by the artist, Emily Dewbre-Young. What is her story? Where is her village? Where is her family? Is she the sole survivor of a massacre or is she on the attack? What Primal forces brought her to be here with sword in hand?


She - Nude Goddess, Earth Mother, hands upon the earth and Om symbol at her side.

She – Oil Painting 16″x12″ canvas panel in rustic, reclaimed wood frame. In some cultures goddesses are associated with Earth, motherhood, love, and the household. In other cultures, goddesses also rule over war, death, and destruction as well as healing.

‘She’ is an original oil painting by Emily Dewbre-Young which she created in 2009. It has received a great deal of positive feedback in shows over the years. This painting depicts the sacred feminine concept and earth mother goddess or Gaia beautifully while also incorporating the symbol Om. For the Hindus & Buddhists, Om is the primordial sound, the first breath of creation, the vibration that ensures existence.


Art is a powerful form of expression not only for the artists who create it, but also for those who own it. Art allows people to express their individuality, and to represent deeply held beliefs, feelings, convictions or philosophies in socially (and visually) redeeming ways.

A scarab, Egyptian woman, bast and other symbols from the mythology of ancient Egypt.

5″ X 7″ Acrylic Painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Ready to hang. A scarab, Egyptian woman, bast and other symbols from ancient Egyptian mythology.


Mystic Lady Of Colors launches a magical beam of colors at the wall.

Mystic Lady Of Colors is an 11″X14″ acrylic.


Toucan - Nature and Wildlife watercolor painting.Toucan – Watercolor Original 8″x10″ unframed paper.


Talking at Dusk - A mermaid lies near the shore talking to her small dragon friend.

11″x14″ Acrylic. Talking At Dusk

Nature and Wildlife Painting - Blue Frog

7″x9″ Acrylic. This little blue frog is on an unframed canvas board. “…on the verge of the marsh they heard the yellow frog and the blue frog conversing with one another. And the frogs said, ‘If the son of the Chan and his companion did but know that if they only smote off our heads with the sword, and the son of the Chan consumed me, the yellow frog, and the son of the poor man consumed thee, the blue frog, they would both cast out from their mouths gold and brass, then would the country be no longer compelled to find food for frogs.’ – THE ADVENTURES OF THE BEGGAR’S SON.


Spirit Bird

Aztec / Mayan Spirit Bird Acrylic on Canvas. 8″ x 10″ Signed by the artist, Emily Dewbre-Young.

Spirit Bird

Meso-American Spirit Birds Acrylic on Canvas. 8″ x 10″ Signed by the artist, Emily Dewbre-Young. Inspired by the native tribes of Mexico and Central America.

Zünden Sie Drachen an, Dragons are referred to numerous times in the myths, legends and folklore of cultures worldwide.


9″x12″ Acrylic. Zünden Sie Drachen An, the Red Fire Dragon.

Sea Turtle in the blue sea painting by Emily Dewbre-Young

8″x10″ Acrylic. Sea turtles play key roles in two ecosystem types that are critical to them as well as to humans. Oceans and beaches.

Blue Bird Of Paradise

Blue Bird Of Paradise



Art inspires people to think about and even visualize ways that life might one day be better than it is now.