Om - Aum or 7th ChakraOm – Aum or 7th Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. – Located on top of the head, it points up into the sky. Another name for it is the crown chakra. This is our connection to Spirit.










6th ChakraThird Eye Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. Located on the forehead, just above the eyes. This chakra is the center of our intuition and our creative thought.










5th ChakraThroat Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. This chakra symbolizes our ability to speak our truth out to the world.











4th ChakraHeart Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. It is symbolic of the love we give out and of the love we take in. It is also the primary color used in healing.











3rd ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. The solar plexus chakra is located just under our rib cage. It is connected to our intellect and is where our life’s purpose rests.











2nd ChakraSacral Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. This is where our emotional body resides (our innermost feelings), which is located in the stomach area just above the belly button.











1st ChakraRoot Chakra – Acrylic 8″x10″. Giclée prints of this spiritual painting are available at affordable prices. It symbolizes strength and personal will power. It is located just below our belly button.