After much positive feedback Em has decided to continue adding pieces to the EYES series and expanding it with new sets of eyes including those of people from different cultures of the world. These acrylic paintings are on 8″ X 16″ canvas panels.




Giraffe Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Giraffes are fascinating and beautiful creatures which have long been a source of wonder for people and cultures around the world.  Its unique physical features, its rarity and its peaceful nature make it a favorite of many.




Native Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Native American dance is unique among other dances in the world. Not only is it a way to have fun, but it is spiritual as well. Dance is prayer, a way of expressing  joy or sorrow, and a way to become closer with others and the natural world.



Tribal Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. African dance is polycentric and this makes it different from most other dance traditions in the world. The dancer’s body is divided into separate areas of movement, with each area being able to move to different rhythms within the music. These divisions are called “isolations” and are very complicated and may take years to master.


Jaguar Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Jaguars are endangered through loss of habitat (deforestation and mining) and through hunting or poaching. Jaguars hunt mainly at night. Jaguar means a beast that kills its prey with a single bound.





Wolf Eyes by Emily Dewbre-YoungWolf Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Wolf Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. The original has been sold. Wolves have a vast communication repertoire including scent marks, vocalizations, visual displays, facial and body postures and rituals. Wolves communicate with each other more by harmony and integration rather than by aggression and submission.


Fox Eyes
Fox Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Did you know foxes can hear a watch ticking 40 yards away and that the pupils of a fox’s eyes are almond-shaped rather than round?




Eagle Eyes by Emily Dewbre-YoungEagle Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″ is on display and available for purchase in our Shopping Section or by appointment at our home studio in Arlington, Texas. Some Eagle Facts – They only live in trees 75 feet or higher. Bald Eagles add to their nest over and over. Sometimes it can take a pair of eagles as long as six weeks to build their nest for the first time. The eyrie is the large nest made of sticks and lined with twigs and green grass. The heaviest nest ever found was 1 ton.



Gorilla Eyes by Emily Dewbre-Young
Gorilla Eyes – Acrylic 8″x16″. Gorillas live in the wild only in the Zaire River basin. The two species–mountain and lowland–are separated by about 600 miles. Both are now recognized as being endangered.