Pastels & Others

Art transforms and personalizes the places where we live and work. Art can evolve lifeless interiors– homes as well as offices– into unique, beautiful and engaging environments.” – Alan Bamberger

Butterfly Business in Colored Markers
Butterfly Business

Piper Woman - In greek mythology, Euterpe the muse is said to have invented the double flute.Woman With Pipes – Chalk. Euterpe was one of the nine muses of Apollo and known as the “Giver of Delight”. She is the Muse of Music and some say she invented the double flute! SOLD






Owl - Original wildlife drawing in colored pencil by artist Emily Dewbre-Young.Owl – Colored Pencil. Throughout human history owls have been depicted in many works of fantasy, myth and legend. In Celtic folklore, the most well known myth featuring the owl is in the story of Bloudeuwedd, contained in the Mabinogi.







White Horse - Colored pencil drawing. White horses appear many times in folklore and legend throughout the world.White Horse – Stories have been told about people who travelled to the land of faeries on white horses. Seers would warn such travellers not to dismount or else they may be left behind there for seven years.












Tribal Tattoo Belly Dancer - Colored pencil on orange sketch paper. The torso is captured in primal motion in this original artwork.Tribal Tat Dancer – Tribal bellydance style uses the classic movements and music of traditional Middle Eastern bellydance with an improvised cue and follow system. The costuming is usually an eclectic mix of attire with influences from the Middle East, India, Central Asia and North Africa.












ShowgirlShowgirl – This classic style of performance has a rich cultural past from its origins in burlesque, vaudeville, old western dance and music halls, the French cancan, comic opera, Broadway, the speakeasies of the prohibition years and from nightclubs to movies.













Cloud Dragon - An asian style dragon flies among the clouds.Cloud Dragon – Inspired by dragons of the orient, he flies among the clouds on a red background. 12 x 12 unframed heavyweight paper colored pencil drawing signed Dewbre.








Flowers In The Rain signed DewbreFlowers In The Rain – 12 x 12 unframed heavyweight paper colored pencil drawing signed by the artist, Emily Dewbre-Young.








Moon and Wolves running and howling in the night. Moon and Wolves 12 x 12 unframed heavyweight paper colored pencil drawing signed Dewbre.









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