These are some of the “Burnt Offerings” creations made with torch and wood burning pencil in the studio.

Got Wood?



Dragon Battle
Dragon Battle

Two dragons battle over a cluster of crystals in this piece from November, 2011. The crystals are quartz crystals we gathered in Arkansas on a family road trip.






Chateau De Foxcroft

Chateau De Foxcroft – I made this sign as a sort of tongue in cheek joke for the front of our house. It sounds like a prestigious place but it’s really just a humble little home in a humble little neighborhood.







If You Don't Know What It Is, Poke It With A Stick funny wall decor plaque. If You Don’t Know What It Is, Poke It With A Stick!  In case of emergency you can remove this stick from the hooks to poke some unknown thing and see what it does.



Wood Burned Tree Hugger Sign made from recycled fence panel pickets.We started making these signs for all of our Tree Hugging, Dirt Worshiping Friends out there. We make two different versions, one with Worshipper spelled with two p’s and one with worshiper spelled with one p. Because we found out both spellings are actually acceptable according to Webster’s Dictionary but some people prefer one spelling over the other. Thanks Cassie! 😉













Guys n Gals SignI made a funny T-Shirt design like this awhile back and always wanted to put it on a sign too so I did. It’s a combination of pyrography and hand painting.











A beautiful owl burned into a piece plank of recycled wood for a friend as part of a Pay It Forward game. This Owl was a gift for a friend as part of a Pay It Forward 2011 event participation on Facebook. It is burned into a plank of recycled wood.











The Dragon's Eye is a one of a kind pyrographic design by artist Emily Dewbre-Young with a bit of medieval flair. The Dragon’s Eye is a 10″x11″ three piece wood burned design by artist Emily Dewbre-Young.











Custom Pyrography - Dragon Sign

We do a lot of dragons, elves, faeries, mermaids and other figures from legend, mythology, folklore and fantasy. All major and some not so major credit cards accepted!

“A man who works with his hands is a laborer. A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. A man who works with his hands, brains, and heart is an artist.” Louis Nizer

What is pyrography you might ask? No, it has nothing to do with pornography as many who are unfamiliar with the artform sometimes think at first. But if thinking so gets folks to come take a peek at what we have I guess we’re cool with that! LOL! 😉 But seriously it means fire writing and it’s a very ancient artform that can be done with any number of things from a small torch to a red hot nail. These days it’s mostly done with a hot pencil that is basically a soldering iron with interchangeable tips to burn different shapes, textures and levels of detail.

Large CoExist Sign burned into a 51 inch by 18 inch playwood panel on display in Arlington, Texas.Large CoExist Sign – We made this sign for our friends at Health and Harmony House at 208 S. Mesquite Street in Arlington, Texas. It measures 51 inches long by 18 inches tall and was on display in their main dining room until they closed in late 2011.



Tribal design and landscape with trees burned into a nice wooden box.This beautifully decorated wooden box has a wood burned (pyrography) landscape scene with trees on the top and tribal designs along the side. It’s roomy enough to use for storage of any number of things from kitchen utensils to candles and incense to playing cards, dice and dominoes or whatever you can think of. It measures 13 1/2″ x 4″ x 3 3/4″ and comes with a brass clasp and hinges.




Tree Hugging, Dirt Worshiping Family wall decor. A nice wooden plaque with words and design burned in This Tree Hugging, Dirt Worshiping Family sign was another Pay It Forward gift we made for a friend.












Cheshire cat floats upside down under a tree with his head on the ground. Wood burned wall decor sign says We're All Mad Here.The Cheshire Cat floats upside down beneath a tree while his head lies on the ground grinning on this pyrography on wood wall plaque. On the side are the words We’re All Mad Here. Seem appropriate for anyone you know? 😉



I Made You a Special Doll, wood burned wall plaque. I Made You a Special Doll, wood burned wall plaque based on an original design by Veronica Milholland. The Voodoo Doll has pins and thread lying on the floor around it.

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