Small Business Spotlight

Each week we feature a DFW area small business, organization, artist or someone else in our community who deserves a little recognition. If you would like to be featured or know someone who deserves to shine a little please get in touch. This week we are featuring Heidi Wunder and her business Wild Sky Studio. Enjoy!

Heidi of Wild Sky Studio
Heidi of Wild Sky Studio

So tell us about Wild Sky Studio.
Wild Sky Studio is my brain child, We have the dance side, where a very unique form of Belly dance is taught, American Tribal Style® Belly Dance. Intro through performance level classes are offered from a ATS® certified teacher. Students can also join the professional troupe, Wild Sky Tribal. I am also an internationally certified Natural Henna artist, creating beautiful temporary designs on bodies. I also make all of my own tribal dance gear, and sell to my students as well!

How did you come up with the name?
Believe it or not, it was a Tribal name generator. I was really stuck
on a name and just started clicking on button, and viola! it made sense!

Henna Hands
Henna Hands

What can people expect when they visit you?
Students from first time to experienced can expect, a warm, welcoming, fun, and challenging atmosphere when taking classes. Often potential
students that come to view a class get invited by my students to join in the fun!

How did you get started with American Tribal Style Belly Dance?

12 years ago, I got pulled in by two of my best friends.  I saw it, the dance grabbed my heart, Indiana jones and the temple of doom style, and
I have never turned back!

How about Henna? How does that fit in with what you do?

Henna body art is something that is part of many of the different cultures that American Tribal Style® belly dance, takes influence from.  I enjoy creating body art on everybody!

Henna Back
Henna Back

Any funny or memorable stories you would like to share in your time doing what you do?

I think every day there is something memorable, whether it be my totally diverse and amazing students, to my Trip out to the mothership in San Francisco for my GS Training.  Pin pointing one memory is just to hard!

What do you do when you’re not working; hobbies, stuff you do just for fun or relaxation?

I enjoy gardening, and Dungeons and Dragons

What has been your favorite part of running Wild Sky?

All of the really cool people I have met, and how they inspire me everyday.

What do you feel makes your style stand out and makes it special? What makes it yours in other words?

Well what I do is a lifestyle for me, so I wear it every where, whether it be tattoos, my trademark Dreads

may fun 003
Henna By Heidi

or the floofy skirts I wear, I just own it, and that stands out in world, where many are afraid to be themselves.

What are your future plans for Wild Sky?

Hopefully to become a sister studio of FatChanceBellyDance®

How can people get in touch with you and find out more?

They can always come to my website,, and shoot me an email!


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  1. awesome – Congrats Heidi!

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    Layne Bush says:

    quite interesting!