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We used to have a few links to some of our friends on the right hand sidebar on some of our pages but we soon realized we had just too many friends, family and loved ones we wanted to share some link love with that the sidebar thing just wasn’t doing it justice. We are so blessed to have these great folks in our circle and want to share them with you! As this directory grows we’ll probably break it down into categories and get it more organized but in the meantime and without further adieu we present to you, in no particular order our friends and stuff we think is cool with an emphasis on the North Texas area…

BTW, if anyone here would like to throw some link love back our way we’d muchly appreciate it. Muah!


  • Eagle Solar ScreensThere’s nothing greener than finding ways to lower your electric bills and run that air conditioner less in those hot Texas summers. Our friend Tommy Sparks can help you with that by installing a new set of solar screens on your windows by his company, Eagle Solar Screens.
  • Windy Kai’s Hummingbird Studios – Windy Savarese is an Artist and Art Teacher . Her blog showcases her and other artist’s work, ideas, daily activities, antique shopping and progress for her students, peers and herself. She is a Mixed Media Artist. Go check her out!
    • ArtLoveMagic Live, Interactive Art.Art Love Magic is a cool group of artists, musicians and performers who put on public shows throught the DFW area with the idea in mind of letting the public get a glimpse of what it’s like to visit an artist’s studio. You can go and see painters paintings, sculptors sculpting, singers singing and performers of all sorts….well….performing.
    • Earth RhythmsEarth Rhythms came into being thanks to the popularity of Winter SolstiCelebration in Dallas. When the event moved from First Unitarian to the larger Cathedral of Hope, attendance grew to 750 and is still climbing. It was more than the loose-knit group of volunteers could handle and taxed event creator, producer, promoter and head volunteer Amy (Moonlady) Martin to the limit. So now, there is an organization behind this huge event and other new events that are well worth checking out in the Dallas area.
    • Moonlady NewsBy the way, if you’re in the North Texas area and like the kind of stuff we have on this page then you’ll definitely want to check out Amy Martin’s Moonlady News so you can keep up with the news and events in this area that matter to people like us. 🙂
    • Potager Cafe– This is an awesome place to get great food and pay what you feel the meal is worth at the end. They use local, organic sources for all the food they serve and even grow some right there on the property! Read this excerpt from their philosophy statement and tell me this isn’t a cool concept for a place to get some eats! —“I do as much as I can to let people know there is a much better way of living than the one that Corporate America has convinced them is part of the “American Dream”. I encourage them to learn more about things like feed-lot-cattle or battery-raised-chicken, and then let them discover how delicious humanely raised meat is. I’m not sure when I first started noticing how disconnected from the earth people have become. They don’t recognize the different gifts of the soil that each seasons brings, the gentle drifting from one season to the next. People don’t know or care where their food comes from. When I started planning Potager, I knew I wanted to get my ingredients from local, organic farmers and ranchers, to make food that would bring people back to the way of eating that their ancestors would have enjoyed.”
    • Feed Your HeadFeed Your Head is your Hippie Revival Headquarters located at 3415 S. Cooper St. in Arlington, Texas and they have great drum jams in the parking lot on the second Saturdays of each month complete with fire spinning and belly dancing. Big fun!
    • Clover Hollow Soaps and SundriesAs our friend Cassie says, It’s Good To Be Green and that’s what her business is all about. She makes handmade soaps, lip gloss and jewelry and also offers some vintage items for sale through Etsy and some local events.
    • Heidi Wunder of Wild Sky TribalHeidi Wunder and her troupe Wild Sky Tribal are and awesome group of Tribal Belly Dancers who you can catch at lots of events throughout the DFW Area. In addition to giving tribal belly dance lessons, Heidi also is a certified Henna artist.
    • Fletcher's Graphics – Since the early 80’s pastels have been John Fletcher’s passion. He picked up his first pencil at the age of four and has never looked back. His work is influenced by the great impressionist movement and greats such as Degas, Harley Brown and Picasso.
    • Calming States Massage – Paul Kennedy has his practice, Calming States Massage, in Fort Worth Texas where he offers a range of services that can be tailored to his clients needs. Paul says that having a client come to him that is in pain or stressed and to have them walk away feeling relieved, relaxed and happy after a session is extremely fulfilling.
    • David Scott PsychicDavid has been working as an intuitive medium for several years and has made a commitment that he would like to use this wonderful yet sometimes frightening and fragile universal gift to work with people more and on different levels. He is also a Certified Reiki practitioner through the International Center for Reiki Training.
    • Circus Freaks – Russ Sharek and his group of performers, the Circus Freaks, appear regularly at the House Of Poets and other venues in the Dallas area astounding audiences with death defying acts of skill and talent.
    • Deep Woods Apothecary in Arlington, Texas.Mindy’s shop on Cooper St. in Arlington is a great place to find spiritual items, incense, hydroponic gardening items, decor, jewelry and lifestyle accessories.
    • DFW Pagan Pride Day – At it’s core it began as a small grassroots movement in the United States to promote religious tolerance and understanding. It was powered by individuals linked together via the Internet.

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