Where’s Em’?

Belly Dancer sketch by Emily Dewbre-Young I know sometimes folks might look around and wonder, why are all these posts by Primal Troy? Why doesn’t Emily post something once in awhile?

Well, as she puts it, she communicates through her art but words are not her art form. Paintings, drawings and such are. So, she leaves the communicating, through text anyway, up to me. She only checks in on her Facebook page once in a great long while and sporadically checks her email while I am pretty much online every single day. I love interacting with people online and writing about stuff. But a funny thing happens offline. When we’ve had gatherings at our house or gone to visit people she’s usually the social one who will chat it up and talk to everyone while I tend to be more introverted. I do okay on most one on one or small group conversations but get too many people around and I just feel, I don’t know, kind of awkward I guess.

So, if you see something posted here, or on our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, Twitter, YouTube, etc. it was most likely put there by me. Now, call that number on the top left hand corner of the screen and you’ll either get voicemail and a call back from Em’ or you’ll get her directly because Troy doesn’t answer that number. Troy is afraid somebody is going to ask him to draw something and the last time Troy tried to draw a flower it looked more like a foot! 😉 If I had to draw a straight line without a ruler or something to save my life it would probably be curtains for me. So, I stick with cutting and sanding boards, putting things together and once in awhile burning lettering or edges of signs and stuff. As long as I have lines already drawn to follow I do okay.

But that’s the thing about people. We all have our strengths and weaknesses which is why we need community. Together we can pool our abilities and do greater things. That’s one of the Primal Aspects of society! 😉